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We listened..We searched..We dreamed and we created this place that we named “Villa Anagenessis”. We listened our souls..And yours too. We have sensed the feeling of love..And we have put plenty of LOVE!! We studied the ancient Greek philosophy, we took examples of them and we have placed them inside. The row of the marble columns create the famous “kionada”, starting from the entrance and finishing across the wooden staircase, splitting the enormous floor in two halfs. The Ancient Greeks believed that the columns are points of support of the world and life and that you should walk between these points. The floor made of wood and marble gives a sense of something special. We created many places of motivating energy. Every window is a frame with a painting inside. You will rest in 350s.m balconies, where you could not only observe the rise and the sleep of the sun in moments of peace, but also wonder with the eyes of your imagination the sea with the beautiful island of “Marathonisi”, pole of attraction for the turtles. Also you will be able to relax the evenings under the light of the thousands stars in the sky drinking some sips from the our home made Zakynthian Wine. Our ancestors and the Ancient Greeks used to place outside their homes fountains with rolling water, symbol of peacefulness and abudance. We let the water free in the little pond, across the main entrance of the house, accompanying us with its playfulness. All of us here, we believe in the human’s soul. So we would like you to open us your hearts so as to be able to offer you a part of the light and the love we have in our hearts and also help to enjoy the PEACFULNESS, the CALM and the HUMANITY that the “Villa Anagenessis” wants to offer you.
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